4 Basic Shooting Safety Rules for Beginners

gun safety infographic

When it comes to shooting gun safety is a huge concern for most amateur shooters. You need to be shooting not only accurately but also safely.

There are a couple of pretty big concerns when it comes to safe shooting and the government has explained a lot of these already. The most important thing is taking a gun safety shooting course and making sure that you KNOW what you’re doing.

I’ve seen too many younger shooters come to the range and just absolutely do the dumbest stuff around. Being safe starts with education. Let’s go over a few things that I think are often overlooked.

Gun Storage

Gun Storage starts with getting a quality safe that can work at home. There are a couple of different kinds, biometric safes are used to keep your firearm safe and can only be opened via a fingerprint scanner while there are traditional gun safes that can be stored anywhere form a wall, closet or behind a painting even.

Gun Maintenance

Also a big overlooked fact of gun safety is actually keeping your damn gun clean and functioning! You’ll need to make sure that it’s working properly otherwise there is no point of having a gun that is jammed up with garbage and other debris. Keeping your barrel maintained and clean of any corrosive ammo is hugely important.

Quality Ammo

Going for the cheapest ammo available is a sure fire way to end up using garbage useless ammo and will eventually destroy your gun and cause it too potentially malfunction. These are all terrible ideas that can cause some serious harm. Avoid low quality ammo at all costs.

Doing a Crappy Job Reloading

If you’re going to learn how to reload your weapon that’s fine, but for the love of God please learn how to do it correctly. I’ve seen too many people too many times pick the worst quality reloader either one that is automatic and they just can’t do it right. What comes out of it is ammo that is low quality and can’t be used properly. Better to pay attention then to opt for the cheapest stuff available.

Those are just a few tips for keeping your gun safe and working fine. Of course there are a lot more but these are my top tips. If you enjoyed this post then check out BasFaz for more info. Thanks!